Power and Punishment

After the bitter defeat against Hardy Moe is searching a victim to let out his dammed up aggressions. While loading up mats Andrej walks by. THE chance for Moe to provoke a quarrel and have fun on the mats. Andrej jumps at it believing the small one could not harm him anyway. Once in the mats room it goes straight to the point. They start the first round still wearing their streetwear. But then it says “shirts off” and Moe uses a bottle of oil. During the next round he gets the belt of Andrej and spanks his butt. Now Moe gathers pace undresses his trousers and shows his opponent what dirty fighting is about. Andrej is not able to set something against the little beast. Moe lets the rage out and plays the game he had to suffer by Hardy before. Wedgies until the trousers shred, ballgrabs from the front and behind, schoolboypins with muscle riding, cock-to-face. Andrej has to suffer the whole bandwith of underground wrestling. At one point Andrej gets really angry and shreds Moes slip as well. But he laughs it off and keeps on fighting in his shredded shorts. According to the motto “now more than ever” he brings Andrej underneath him and shows him what´s inside his slip. Andrej is able to counter a bit and give Moe some back pipes when having him in a schoolboy pin but Moe drives full throttle towards the end and humiliates Andrej by every trick in the book. He strips him naked, attacks him with his feet and drags him through the room by his slip around his neck. Andrej is done. Moe proudly shows his biceps. He has frightened Andrej and contentedly leaves the room as the winner.