Moe and his dreamcar

Since Moe didn´t find his dream car yet he is still in search. Today he meets Hardy who wants to sell his chic Mercedes-Benz. Moe likes the car and when Hardy realizes that he pushes up the price. Already in the hall in which they met to check the car there is a dispute where the rags fly. Hardy´s jacket rips and it nearly comes to a sturdy brawl. So they better head for the mat room to clarify that topic. They start the combat fully clothed but shred their gear bit by bit. A real rip and strip fight takes place. When Moe fights only in his Jockstrap and Hardy in his speedos they gather the pace all the more. Hardy like to test his boy toy, feel all parts of his body and punish him afterwards. But Moe counterattacks and it seems as if he gets stronger from fight to fight. He also stops at nothing and Hardy has no easy game with him. But Hardy fights very mean. His mega ballgraps force Moe to the ground. And Hardy who had no fight for quite a while seems to be greedy for hot action. Moe has to suffer a lot but is able to stand a lot as well. He tries to return the favor the same way and so it is an extremely hard fight with all tricks and variations underground wrestling has to offer.