Aggressive Attack

aggressiveattack-6Wladi is visiting our town and comes from a stressful day at home in the Fightplace WG.
There he finds Jermaine sitting lazily on the couch and has not lifted a finger in the household. The dishes pile up and take Jermaine to take care of it, he plays around with his cell phone. This behavior stinks industrious Wladi enormous and it requires of Jermaine at least to do the dishes. Jermaine but has no intention. Rebellious and cheeky as teenagers are now times does he care a damn what Wladi as he wants. On the contrary, it provokes Wladi still, ripping him his fancy shirt. The patience with Wladi tears!
Wladi thinks, since only helps a strict upbringing! With good words he cometh not. And who does not want to listen, feel! So he grabs the teenager and tries to educate his known manner.
Jermaine is not weak, that must Wladi to admit quickly. With time to pack up and spank it is not done with him. Since work is a must!
But Jermaine knows Wladi not good. The more you annoy him destso brutal he goes with his opponent to offer. That gets Jermaine now felt. Since he can not defend himself so he gets all the power and violence of Wladi felt. The powerhouse grabs him, lifts him and throws him like a rag through the air. Alone Jermaine would not have a chance against Wadi. Then it but Moe to the Rescue, which comes straight from the wrestling training. Moe, motivated and even downright hot from training engages immediately into the action and attempts Wladi to grab from behind, as the straight Jermaine has in its lack. Now it goes around in the booth. For Wladi a good challenge and the opportunity again so right off steam and vent, which he does here.
At times, it is possible the boys to pack Wladi, a top and the other below. But Wladi¬†is all the tricks and just has tremendous power and combat experience. There also have two people hard to get the cars into the handle. A second was not paying attention and already he has a pinched in his legs. Ouch, that hurts to watch. If he then still completely gains the upper hand and he has time for his slightly perverse games, it is dirty. Facesitting with Jermaine for example. But who knows how to help buttock by a fall in bite Wladis. What else can you do when you’re physically inferior. Jermaine and Moe really fight by all means to grab Wladi. Choking, kicking, biting and other dirty tricks are accomplished but against this fighting machine is no cure. And with each attack against him, he will be tougher and nastier. Noteworthy in Wladi’s how he, in spite of his muscle mass, a flash may change its positions. Then hardly anyone can react and counter as fast. The youngster biting at his teeth and Wladi drives his hot play with them. Total Domination and Submission in one! Wladi does nothing more than usual in his fights but here with a brutality as we did not know before. Probably because he has not fought long or two compete against him. He does not care whether pants tear, broken his opponents fingers and ribs, or the balls are crushed. Regardless, he shows two, who’s the boss. And who does not spurt, which the ass is spanked until it is red. We believe so, that no one would have persevered different from our team as long as Moe and Jermaine. Reasonable all would have run away howling after 30 minutes. But Moe and Jermaine always attack again, want to leave no stone unturned. They just do not give up hope, to bring Wladi still the task. But has other plans, the guys pulling their pants over their heads and tied them together. A wonder that nothing more serious happened.
Who wants to see two very good but lighter fighters are made ready by a Wladi in top form, which lies with Aggressive Attack correctly. But beware: Here is fought with extremely hardball. Here no cuddling is a must!