Check the new one 11

20. May 2022 0

Another newcomer for the team in Berlin. Bernd meets Moe on his first visit and attempt to make his mark at Fightplace. As with many, […]

Gagged Guy’s Game

13. May 2022 0

Moe is eagerly waiting for his new bicycle to be delivered that day. Actually, it should have arrived long ago, but the delivery service is […]

Violating Visitor

6. May 2022 0

A small and unfortunately short treat from times past: Rick (19) has made the long way to us to compete against Ramon (16). After briefly […]

Twink Tournament 3

1. May 2022 0

Finn and Matz met in the small fitness room of the Berlin Fightplace studio. The boys were training their muscles there and got talking. However, […]